Dear fellow artist,

welcome to Boonika Pro Pages. Please accept this invitation and create your Boonika Pro Page today (takes 3-5 minutes). It is (free, and) only for professional artists and designers. Since this is a personal invitation you already know that your submission will be approved. The concept is simple - we help serious clients find you and contact you in the shortest possible time, without any distractions. Have in mind that this is not a community website or a portfolio platform.

Individual page:

We will promote your services, products, and projects (for free). Just as with any other Boonika project, we want to offer a personal experience for everyone involved. If you will have any questions or encounter any problems please don't hesitate to contact me personally or just use the site's contact form.

You will be able to log in with your Facebook or Gmail credentials, which is the easiest way of doing it, or you can just reset the password. Remember, your passwords, on different Boonika Network sites (,, and, don't match because of security reasons but you can adjust them later in any way you see fit.


  1. Registration (another website, at
  2. Reset password or login:
  3. Build your first Pro Page:

LINKS/STEPS - The Easy Way:

  1. Registration (another website, at
  2. GET IN TOUCH and we'll send you the username and password for this website and help you build your Pro Page

Thank you for your time!

Marko Prpic Zets

P.S. You can share this invitation with artists and designers that you truly admire. The number of professionals involved is not as important as the quality of their work and their work ethics.

NOTE: Do not share this page publicly!